Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nicole's question: How can we know what is in our food and where does our food come from?

There are several ways. One is to read the Nutrition Facts label that comes with most of our foods.

Another way of knowing what is in our food is to ask the person who grew it how did he or she did it. Of course, this can be very difficult if you get food from a supermarket. But if you visit your local farmers' market you can ask your local farmer directly!

Try at least once!

Farmers' Markets: Old Oakland
Location of Markets: 9th St. in Downtown Oakland
Days/Times: Fri 8am-2pmYear round/Seasonal: Year round, rain or shine
Public Transportation to Market: BART to Old Oakland Farmers' Market AC Transit to Old Oakland Farmers' Market
Phone: 510.745.7100

Taste the difference.